Having a tremendous amount of legal experience  in Immigration Matters, PAN GLOBAL LEGAL SERVICES is dedicated to making your redomiciliation, or second domicile acquisition a smooth process.  We focus on you.   Count on us to be your guide in every step you take, and get the counsel you deserve.

Labor and Immigration

Experience is an asset to grant applicants a smooth transition to our country. We provide personal guidance and company to all meetings to Immigration Office. For main elegibility requirements click this: Requirements

Civil Law

The area of civil law encompasses a wide range of scenarios, from contracts, property deeds to intellectual property and consumer protection.   At PAN GLOBAL LEGAL SERVICES, we pay particularly close attention to your needs and offer a suitable solution.

Corporate Law

To effectively and legally protect your assets through asset planning or to do business locally or internationally, we provide corporate structures, holding companies, capital share structures and other negotiable instruments.

Special Packages...

Business Residence Package

Immigration Category suitable for anyone willing to incorporate in Panama. [More]

Investors Residence Package

Thie category is for those willing to invest in Real Estate Property... [More]

Retiree Program

Law No. 9 of June 24, 1987 established a series of exemptions, benefits  and privileges for those who retire in Panama ... [More]


Words just can't express how much I appreciated the way your personnel  handled my case.   I literally thought It was complicated, but you came along and helped me step by step to  obtain my recidence and work permit.

Tracy L